Friday, December 1, 2023

New Vitality for 

Changing Churches

Finding Hope and Purpose in Our Ever Evolving Identity

As our ministry contexts change, so does the mission of our congregation. Evolving demographics in the community, declining membership in the church, even dwindling resources available to do God's work can all have an impact on how we see ourselves and how we live out our mission and ministry. But even when our church experiences change, we can still have an active and vital life as the Body of Christ. One of the mistakes that we often make is in failing to realize that while change may make us look different, different does not have to mean ineffective. We are still the church...a church called by God.

This video is the beginning of a conversation about how we can revitalize our congregations by reexamining our own perceptions of mission and identity in the midst of continuing change. Click on the link and consider your own ministry context.

                                          New Vitality for Changing Churches