Friday, September 25, 2015

Exploring Vitality in Rural Congregations

An Online Conversation for Pastors and Church Leaders

We have been sharing together for several months now about the ways we can bring vitality to the congregations we serve. Now I want to take the next step and invite you to be a real part of the conversation in a very intentional way.  

The University of Dubuque Theological Seminary is offering us an opportunity to take this conversation into the classroom in an online format.  I will be moderating the discussion (teaching the class) but you can be an active part of the course by participating in a series of online discussion forums over the course of five weeks. I want you to help set the agenda for our time together by asking your burning questions about rural ministry.  During that time we will share ideas, discuss our own ministry settings, talk about what has worked and not worked, and hopefully leave with an idea or two that will enhance the work that we do. 

Best of all, this class is affordable and accessible.  For only $150 per person our group will get five weeks of conversation and sharing about topics designed to impact their ministry in very real ways. And all from the comfort of your home.  This class is asynchronous, which means that you can join the conversation anytime day or night, at times that work best for you. There is no travel involved and you don't have to be away from your other responsibilities.  For those reasons alone, I think this is the most relevant and convenient continuing education offer available anywhere.

I invite you to check it out:

“Exploring Vitality in Rural Congregations”
Dr. Skip Shaffer, Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Ministry

University of Dubuque Theological Seminary
October 19 – November 22

This course will explore the practices and programs that bring vitality and vision to rural congregations and their ministries.  We will examine the practices of successful church leaders, share ideas about programs that have been successful, and suggest resources that may work in your ministry setting.  This will be a five-week seminar that encourages input from ministry leaders and puts us face to face with others who have brought new life to the churches they serve.  We will use our time together to share those ideas and help one another develop ministries that make a difference.

We have had good response so far to our invitation and a number of people have already registered. But there is still room for you. The more participants we gather together, the richer the conversation and the greater the opportunity to share ideas that will make a difference. It is my hope that we will make a statement to the larger church community and show those around us that rural ministry is alive and well and that we are able to have a significant impact on the church around us.  I invite you to register today!

To register or for more information, contact Bridgett Boone at 563-589-3691 or CEUs are available. First time participants in online learning at UDTS will be asked to take the Online Learning Course, an easy to complete orientation to online learning for only $75.

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